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Several Singers Smiling

Meet the Voices!

Rose Horan (she/her)

Shhhhhhh!!!!! (Shh!)

Part: Top
Hometown: Bellingham, Washington
Year: Class of 2025
Major: Undeclared
When we asked Rose to submit proof of swimming ability as part of our multi-stage Wipeout-style auditions, she submitted this photo with no captions and no description.
Person standing in water
Person smiling on mountaintop

Grant Bishko (he/they)

Music Director (MD)

Part: Baritone
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Year: Class of 2023? 2024?
Major: Music
Minor: Music, but coming out of computers
Grant, or grant, as his friends call him, has always been a fan of crocheting. As music director they plan on harnessing the power of a cappella to spread the joy of crocheting to the entire western seaboard, and hopefully one day the world. Best of luck, grant!

JC (he/him)

Business Manager (BM)

Part: Bass
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Year: Class of 2023
Major: We The People, In Order To Form a More Perfect Union
Don't mess with JC. We don't even know his real name.
Person giving Thumbs Up

DeAndre John$on (he/they)

Financial Officer (FO)

Part: Baritone
Hometown: Fairburn, Georgia
Year: Class of 2024
Major: Public Policy
DeAndre has the exceptional ability of going to sleep at 6 AM, waking up at 2PM, and subsequently missing every class. For some period of time, his only form of communication was referring to popular and not-so-popular memes, vines, and short, yet iconic videos, courtesy of YouTube Shorts. Now, his only personality traits are caffeine addiction, singing at ungodly hours of the night, and a vague interest in pOliTiCs.

Bryant Perkins (he/him)

Part: Lead
Hometown: Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Year: Class of 2025
Major: Undeclared
"Bryant Perkins is an extremely dedicated member of Fleet Street who has always worked hard and shown up even when no one else has. He's created poster designs, edited videos, an-–---"
Apologies for that–I won't be giving Bryant the website password again.
Person Smiling

Dani Algazi (he/him)

Part: Bass
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Year: Class of 2023/24
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Dani is a big believer in the healing and restorative powers of arts and crafts. Last week, he showed the group how to make origami cranes. Thanks for your help, Dani!

Akshar Sarvesh (he/him)

Part: Bass
Hometown: Saratoga, California
Year: Class of 2025
Major: Undeclared
Unfortunately, the only image we were able to obtain of Akshar before his untimely demise was this one. Unfortunately, it is also a picture of his untimely demise. It's as the old saying goes: "where comes melodious locution, there goes rapid electrocution".
Singer @ Mic
318113902_1194498061484550_2429960694467191644_n (1).jpg

Cat Horkay (she/they)

Part: Lead
Hometown: Torrance, California
Year: Class of 2023
Major: Boring Nerd Sh*t (CS)
Is so fine...

Michael Cho (he/him)

Part: Bass
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Year: Class of 2025
Major: Mathemagics
Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 1.35.23 AM.jpeg

Caleb Benz (he/him)

Part: Lead
Hometown: Middlebury, Vermont
Year: Class of 2026
Major: Undeclared
Not to be confused with Mercedes-Benz, Caleb is, quite literally, an old soul. Having taken two gap years between high school and college, the ancient frosh has frequently been mistaken for a Stanford Bookstore employee. And despite the saying that with age comes wisdom, for Caleb, age comes alone. When he’s not goofing off in Fleet Street, Caleb loves planespotting, trivia, photography, and calling games for Stanford Athletics on KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM.

Tommy DeBenedetti (he/him)

Part: Baritone
Hometown: San Mateo, CA
Year: Class of 2026
Major: Undeclared
Thomas loves telling us how close he lives from campus. He also literally knows the lyrics to every song ever created (apparently. Awaiting confirmation). Nothing else is known about Tommy DeBenedetti (it's really funny if you read his name in an Italian accent),

Zoe Ehrlich (she/her)

Part: Top
Hometown: *
Year: Class of 2026
Major: Undeclared
It took Zoe a very long time to grow this moustache. Unfortunately, she had to shave it off, as critics deemed it too detrimental to her illustrious singing career.

Johnny Dollard (he/him)

Part: Bar- *ahem* pardon me, Bass
Hometown: *
Year: Class of 2024
Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Johnny (left) is still thinking of a bio. Please check back at your earliest convenience to see if he has come up with anything.

Zane St. John (he/him)

Part: Top, Bari
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Year: Class of 2026
Major: Undeclared
Zane St. John is a rising freshman at Leland Stanford Junior University. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Orange is the New Black on airplanes and covertly reading erotic novels on other people's laps. 
When asked why he auditioned for Fleet Street, he noted the lack of viewership at previous years' shows (editor's note: fake news), hoping that his presence would motivate the Stanford community to attend performances. "I want to make them come," he says.

Inad Izagla (him/he)

Part: ssaB
Hometown: California, Angeles Los
Year: 2023 of Class
Major: Engineecal Mechaneering
"Hmm, did we not already see Dani?", you might ask.
The powers of the penguin are wide-reaching and mystical. Before we could say no, Dani's Aptenodytes Fosteri did a little twirl and summoned some kind of multiversal, evil Dani (who we call Inad).
Unfortunately, they're a package deal, so Inad sings the other bass split.
Person smiling, hands crossed

Skim (he/him)

Part: Web Penguin
Hometown: 'nut Creek, California
Year: Class of 2023
Major: TCB
Chris is not in Fleet Street any more, but he still maintains the website... hehehehehe...
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