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Congratulations on your callback, Spencer!

We absolutely loved meeting you today and hearing you sing! You have a great voice even though you were just sick, and we were impressed by your musical intuition and your arrangement skills--both things that are really important to us in Fleet Street! Hope to see you in a couple hours at the BBQ (see your email), and no pressure in terms of preparing your music today!
Our top priority for today and tomorrow is helping you learn your music. We hope you got a chance to look at the online callback materials, which has PDFs and MP3s of all your callback music. The biggest mistake people make during callbacks is under-preparing—the more confident you are in your notes, the better you'll be able "feel" the music and blend with the other singers (aka us). We encourage you to prepare on your own, but if you want extra help, we'll be helping you with music at the barbecue tonight, and Aitan can even meet with you one-on-one; just shoot him an email (aitan@stanford.edu)! That being said, no need to memorize your music.
What you'll find here is some audio files that will help you nail your callback. Although we've given you sheet music for your three songs, we highly recommend you use these materials to help you prepare.
Bari Callback Materials