Stanford Fleet Street Singers

Stanford's only all-original comedy a cappella group

Audition for Fleet Street!

Auditions will take place on Monday Sept 26th and Tuesday Sept 27th of Week 1 of Fall Quarter.
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Previous Performance!

Does the word 'RBA' send shivers down your spine? Have you exhausted Grammarly, Thesarus.com, Merriam-Webster's, and the Rosetta Stone looking for synonyms? Are you intrigued by the idea of funny humor? Are you scared about what this Friday, the 13th, might bring?
If any of these apply to you, gee, do we have a show for you! This Friday the 13th, at STLC 111 in Stanford's Sapp Center, 8:00pm, Fleet Street will perform, satisfying any of your PWR needs, whether they be mighty morphin' or primary sources!
Per current Covid-19 guidance, we ask that you reserve tickets (free for students!) before attending: CLICK HERE!
Apart from our upcoming hijinks, you can also come see Fleet Street perform at Claw-Cappella, a weekly performance on Fridays at 4:30 pm outside the Stanford Bookstore and in front of the Claw Fountain!

Announcing Our Latest Album

Seven years of writing and recording have gone into this much-anticipating album, by far our best one yet. Give it a listen! Shout out to Bill Hare and Laszlo Seress for making this happen.

Book Us! 

When you say jump, we say how high – on the way up. 
Fleet Street is dedicated to spreading joy in the only way we know how -- singing, dancing, and general goofiness.  
Rock out with us and enjoy a night of hilarious songs, silly songs, and heartwarming stories—we’d love to be a part of your party, performance, or kickback! Go to the "Contact Us" page for more information! 
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For business inquiries, such as booking performances, availability, quotes, and more, contact our Business Manager, at business@fleetstreet.com or learn more here.